I already did a re-leathering page back with my first Leica, the M8.
This time I decided to customize my Leica M9. After Leica replaced a corroded sensor it came back with the most current Leica leather, which is also attached to the M10 and M (Type 240).
I wanted to have something more unique, classic but also exclusive. I immediately fell in love with the look of LEICA M-P SET „CORRESPONDENT“ BY LENNY KRAVITZ. So I used my latest trip to the US to order a similar leather from cameraleather.com. I ordered "Lizard Skin" and Morgan from cameraleather.com got in touch with me very quickly. He recommended a leather without restriction, attached an example picture which was really close to the Kravitz Leica. I ordered the proposes leather and received it within 10 days.
If you also want to re-leather your Leica, start with removing the bottom plate, battery, SD-card and any other accessory attached to your camera.
Remove the USB cover by unscrew the two very small screws visible in the picture below.
After you removed the original leather it is important to carefully clean any remains of adhesive. You can gently use nail polish to remove everything.
I always start with the hardest part, the frame lever. Carefully bring the leather behind the lever without pushing to hard to the surface since it will immediately stick on the surface. After everything is aligned to around the mount housing and edges continue into direction of the display. Take your time and work precisely around the strap slots and edges.
If everything is in place, continue with the other side.
When everything is in place and looks as you wanted it to be, start working on the edges. Calmly press them to the surface, may use a toothpick for the angles.
Rub the surface to make the adhesive start to work.
I really like the result. It fits really good, it feels great, it has a great quality and the look is an eye-catcher everywhere I go.